Thursday, October 15, 2009

Be A Strong Man

Dont know what to write for this post but it just my feeling and words from heart. Putting here so i can feel relief as im sharing the problem with others.

I've one sickness that blaming and worried my heart this time. This sickness was come to me long time ago and have left for a while. At this time it came again.

I know the cure already but to take that cure in a long timei not an easy one, not istiqamah in doing that. As i left it few times, the sickness came and the past cures seem doesnt work anymore.

However, He still give me a chance and always giving that althought there are many times happen. I praise to Him and hoping that the sickness can be truly demolish from me and not coming again.

I should be a strong man, fighting and continue fighting..

"One day, u'll be a winner" i thought.

Be a Strong Man,

Tg Abd Ghafar B Tg Ahmad
27 Syawal 1430H
16 Oktober 2009
Pasir Panjang,
Kuala Terengganu


khilkhir said...

be a strong man...

Tg Abd Ghafar B Tg Ahmad said...


Tg Abd Ghafar B Tg Ahmad said...
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Siti Najibah Hj Mustapha said...

salam, be a stroNg man! i kNow u caN dO it! huhuhu... aja2 fightiNg!!!!! =)

cikgu_eya said...


Its too difficult to start something but the most difficult part is to stay work on it.

Iman is a kind of riddle. When we get close to Allah, we will feel strong to face anything. Yet, Allah's test will come in line.

Just be carefull not to make anyone crushed, when u slip from your imaginary perfect path in sudden. It may hurt someone's heart.

My 2 cents... ^^

Tg Abd Ghafar B Tg Ahmad said...

Bukan mudah bernafas dalam jiwa hamba..

dan kucuba menghindarkan pesona maya,


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