Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Improving My English

“There are 3 rules that someone should do in order to master any language” said my lecturer.

Last night my friend and I have a long discussion with him at restaurant mamak until 1am.

“1st rule is interest”

With interest someone can do everything they want but if they didn’t have any trigger to do that, no matter who help them, they cannot achieve that thing. So how high your spirit to excel in mastering English? That will shows in your afford next time.

“2nd rule is having a good listening” With touching my ears, my lecturer told me the second rule.

Listening is one part of learning. He suggests us some things that we can practice our listening technique. If you love to watch a movie, so go on with it. If you love to listen English song, don’t stop doing that. But he doesn’t prefer us to listening to English song since they can a little bit make us careless. Actually, it doesn’t be a matter. We must choose them.

“3rd rule is having practice the language by speaking”

This is what Malays are often didn’t do. So that why many of them didn’t excel in language. Shy. Yes, the true thicker shy in Malays make them so hard to take this last rule. So throw this thing away if you are really to learn language.

All the best my friends…

Tg Abd Ghafar B Tg Ahmad


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