Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Booster Is Coming

Im very happy and my heart full of spirit today. New booster is coming soon. My birthday date is coming. 21 Februari 2010. In our life, there is something or dates that can be as our booster. For examples are the new year date, birthday date, Maal Hijrah, Maulidurrasul, new baby, new car and many more. For each booster coming, everyone will set a new goal or plans for their life.

Don’t Waste Any Booster

Sometimes, people just ignore the importance dates coming in their life. They feel nothing much special about these dates or occasions. So they let them pass through without doing anything. Everyone have their own times where their heart full of spirit and empty or lacking of spirit (depression). Times that passing by are like a tire. Sometimes we are at above and sometimes we are at the bottom. Any booster that coming through this passing times should be grape and use them to become someone that better from the day pass.

My 24th Birthday in My Life

Under consideration, my age has increase as increasing the years. My date of death become closer. Realising on this, I should more prepared to face that time and should improve myself day after day. By using this booster, I’m trying to become a better man until reaching the titled as Muslim Sejati.

Birthday Boy,


3 Rabiul Awal 1431H

19 Februari 2010

Rumah Warden,


Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


al faqir ila Allah said...

sanah helwah ya sodiqul karim (senior)tg abd ghaffar.hari ini hri lahirmu,hari ini brtmbh lg usiamu,hri ini brtmbh jua tggungjwbmu,hari ini akn mnjdikn drimu lbh matang dek ujian yg akn mndtg.hri ini akn mnjdi saksi ketabahn dirimu melambung onak dan duri.hari ini Allah tlh mmndekkn lg jarakmu dgnNya.semakin berkurang tempoh tuk beramal,semakin kubur mmpersiap tmpt utkmu.semakin bersedia malaikat maut dtg mnjemput,semakin dkt masa amaln dpt dihitung dan semakin hampir haruman FIRDAUSI@azabnya JAHANAM.Eid milad said..semoga pnjg umur utuk mmbuat kebaikan dan dimurahkn rezeki yg penuh keberkatan.....mhn maaf ats sgla faqir ila Allah-nzm usim-

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